Traceable coffees: outstanding microlots with a detailed story

Posted on 1 Nov, 2015 in Host Fiera Milano, news (english), Sandalj Trading Company

Every lot of the signature Sandalj Traceability coffees is certified using a meticulous account of its origin. Sandalj Trading presented at HOST 2015 the latest arrivals: one from Guatemala and another from El Salvador. Many years ago, before sustainable sourcing models became in great demand, the Italian green coffee trader had recognised the importance of maintaining strong relationships with producers, for them to produce a unique coffee immune from the fluctuations on the futures market, and for the company to ensure the quality of its products. The company guarantees the highest standards through every stage of production, from cultivation and processing, to selection.

The Guatemala Huehuetenango – Joya Grande is produced in La Democracia, in the Huehuetenango region. Finca Oxbe is at an altitude of 1370 to 1830 m above sea level, and the coffee is grown in partial shade. Harvested from December to April, the beans are fully washed and sun dried. This typical Guatemalan Arabica includes three varietals; Catuai, Caturra and Bourbon. Sandalj Trading Company only purchases these lots after careful evaluation and approval of representative samples. Once the 30 kg bags arrive in Trieste, they are stored in bonded warehouses in the port. The Guatemala Huehuetenango – Joya Grande can be drank as a single origin, and is sweet with a delicate acidity. In the cup it reveals an intriguing mix of blueberry, cranberry and mandarin, with nuances of hazelnut and cocoa. The delicate acidity persists in the sweet aftertaste tinged with orange blossom honey.

The Salvador Red Bourbon – Santa Adelaida grows in the heart of the Cordillera del Balsamo, in Comasqua, Dipartimento La Libertad. Interestingly enough, this coffee’s name refers both to the plantation, and to the Arabica varietal, Bourbon. This coffee is shade grown between 900 and 1275 m. under fruit and Inga trees, legumes typical of this area. Just like the Joya Grande, Santa Adelaida is a fully washed coffee. In an Italian espresso, it reveals a varied and interesting taste profile: a thick mouthfeel enriched with the sweetness of grapes and clementines, tinged with nuances of cocoa and marzipan. The hints of red pepper and genzian surprise us in its the aftertaste.

The company

Sandalj Trading Company S.p.A. is an importer of green coffee based in Trieste, one of Europe’s main coffee ports.

We specialize and are recognized for our unrivalled service, and for the quality we guarantee, the variety we pursue, and product research we commit to. The Board consists of Enrico Venuti, Chairman and CEO; Edy Bieker, COO and Managing Director of Quality and Training; Maurizio Rossmann, CFO; and shareholder and analyst Theresa Sandalj.
The finest origins are offered under our Sandalj Excellence, Sandalj Arabica, Sandalj Traceability Project and Cup of Excellence lines. We furthermore offer our signature line of ready-to-roast blends, created with our extensive knowledge of Espresso in all its shapes and flavours. Our headquarters are also home to the Accademia del Caffè® (our Coffee Academy), which offers espresso coffee-tasting courses and consultancy on all coffee-related subjects. We are today a point of reference for thousands of roasters around the world, and are relentlessly commitment to promoting a sustainable high quality coffee culture.