The finest coffees selected by Sandalj

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Consultancy and custom-tailoring of coffee products are two of the specialist services that Sandalj Trading Company offers to clients. While single-origin coffees offer great satisfaction when enjoyed on their own, the results obtainable from a blend of different coffees should not be underestimated. Blending makes it possible to achieve even more balanced aroma and flavour profiles with a broader array of customisable aromas.

Sandalj’s skilled, precision-focused laboratory staff can create exclusive, customer-specific blends as well as special ready-to-roast blends of the world’s most sought-after coffees. Two of the outstanding coffees from the Sandalj Blends line, Stradivari Blend and Toscanini Blend, will be served to TriestEspresso Expo visitors in Hall 27, Stand 2.

Stradivari is obtained from the meticulous selection of twelve exclusive Arabica Gourmet coffees prepared by various methods that swathe your coffee cup with an intricate symphony of aromas. The Toscanini Blend is another 100% Arabica coffee. Its exquisite, distinctively soft acidic tang fuses with an elegant note of sweetness to imbue your espresso, cappuccino or moka with forceful personality.  


Sandalj’s tasting table at TriestEspresso Expo will be offering some of the classic coffees that have always been mainstays of the range, as well as a number of special products from various coffee-producing countries.

Sandalj’s team have a keen nose for new coffees and are constantly rediscovering this ever-changing raw material. One of their most promising recent finds is Colombia Supremo Rio Magdalena 18. The variety grows in the Huila area of Colombia, a region whose coffee has improved remarkably in recent years. Rio Magdalena 18 is grown in full sunshine at altitudes of between 1,450 and 1,600 metres a.s.l. The harvested beans are then washed and sun-dried. Sensory evaluation reveals the coffee’s alluring aromas. Moderate acidity on the palate underlies hints of caramel-covered citrus fruits layered over damsons and dried dates. Unexpectedly, the long-lingering after-aroma gives wafts of dark chocolate and raisins.

Another new coffee from Honduras. Espresso prepared with Honduras SHG Marcala Maresol is intriguingly full bodied, moderately acidic and reveals sweetish hints of apricots, apples and wild roses lifted by a touch of ripe clementine. The palate signs off with a delicious spice-edged cocoa powder and walnut after-aroma.

Also new is Nicaragua SHG Fairtrade Biologico – San Juan Del Río Coco an organic coffee certified by Fairtrade, the ethical mark that ensures better living and working conditions for producers and growers. Organic coffees are particularly suitable for small and medium roasters operating in a specific market niche who want to combine a very high-quality product with a focus on sustainability. In this perspective, Nicaragua SHG Fairtrade Biologico San Juan Del Río Cocco offers an unusual and extremely appealing palette of aromas.

Once again, the Sandalj Excellence line includes Puerto Rico Fino 360 Reserva Sandalj, sold in Italy in Sandalj-brand sacks and one of the first coffees to be labelled Gourmet. In the cup, Puerto Rico Fino 360 Reserva Sandalj offers and intriguing sensory profile that echoes the flavours of the past. Among Sandalj’s returning classics are the unforgettably distinctive and intensely aromatic Etiopia Yirgacheffe gr. 2 lavato and Brazil Extrafino Sandalj 17/18, one of Sandalj’s Brazilian coffees. Its understated, approachable acidity and generous wafts of cocoa powder, almonds and hazelnuts make way for fruit-led sweetness and a malt and vanilla after-aroma.

Equally delicious are the palate-pleasing Costa Rica SHB Tarrazù Hermosa, Mexico Altura Superior Chiapas Adelita and Water Decaf Sandalj.


Sandalj Trading Company S.p.A. is based in Trieste, one of Europe’s main coffee ports. The company’s core business is the import and export of green coffee and Sandalj offers a service unrivalled for quality, variety, product research and range development. Sandalj employs15 staff and the Sandalj board comprises Enrico Venuti, CEO and director responsible for sales; Edy Bieker, director responsible for quality and training; Maurizio Rossmann, CFO; and majority shareholder Theresa Sandalj.

Coffee’s finest origins are available in the Sandalj Excellence, Sandalj Arabica, Sandalj Traceability Project and Cup of Excellence lines. The Sandalj Blend line embraces a vast range of ready-for-roasting blends. The Sandalj Trading Company is also home to the Accademia del Caffè® (The Coffee Academy), which offers espresso coffee-tasting courses and consultancy on all coffee-related subjects. Today, the Sandalj Trading Company is a benchmark for around one thousand coffee shops in Italy and abroad.

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