Sigep 2016, green light to cleaning with pulyCAFF

Posted on 18 Jan, 2016 in news, news (english), pulyCAFF

Sigep 2016. From January 23 to 27, appointment at hall D1, stand 025, with the increasingly comprehensive product line for cleaning espresso machines and grinders by pulyCAFF.

Also this year pulyCAFF is the official sponsor of the Scae circuit Italian championship finals that are held at the amphitheater inside Hall D1 at Riminifiera, a few steps from its stand. Before reaching it, already in the central area of the exhibition hall, a quick video provides an overview of its main products and the beneficial effects of their use with espresso machines and grinders.

Proceeding to the competition area, at station 025 is displayed the full line of products and solutions for cleaning espresso machines and grinders by pulyCAFF, with experts ready to give suggestions and explanations on the most suitable products for cleaning every part of the various equipment, as well as advice on effective cleaning.

Italian operators are finally understanding the importance of maintenance, both for the quality of the product in the cup and for the proper functioning of coffee appliances. This was mainly thanks to the efforts of pulyCAFF in promoting the culture of cleaning by organizing numerous Puly Days, courses focused on clean, which in 2015 made it possible for 218 attendees to get the diploma in the Basic Course, the first level which make up the training offered to baristas, roasters, machine builders, and anyone working in the coffee world.

Clean competitions
Cleanliness is a fundamental element of each competition. Therefore, before and after the competitions, pulyCAFF experts reach the station recently used to thoroughly clean every part of the equipment. Thanks to their intervention, assemblies and steam spouts cleaned of residues ensure maximum functionality and the next competition will take place at its best, ensuring each competitor ideal conditions for perfect brewing.

An extensive line
The pulyCAFF offer is increasingly comprehensive. The latest product introduced to the market enriches the line of “green” products: pulyGRIND Hopper, is the practical cleaner for the hopper (bell) and slides of the star dispenser. The cleaning of the coffee grinder is essential to ensure good espresso: the roasted coffee releases part of the oils that compose it on the surface of the containers where it is placed. These quickly oxidize, become rancid and, if not removed, contaminate the fresh coffee beans poured in the hopper and the ground coffee in the dispenser. pulyGRIND Hopper is easy to use: after removing the solid residues, spray onto a clean cloth and spread it on the surfaces until they are clean and dry, without rinsing. The product, made with natural ingredients, is available in a handy 200 ml bottle with spray atomizer.

Let us look at the pulyCAFF line. Our first product was pulyCAFF Plus: developed in 1961, it was the first specific product for every day cleaning of espresso machines (filters, filter holder, and exhaust valve); pulyMILK removes milk deposits from the steam spout, or from the automatic milk frother. The small crystals based on gluten-free starches of pulyGRIND free the blades and milling chamber from old and stale coffee deposits. pulyGRIND is edible and does not require rinsing.

Together with pulyGRIND Hopper, they are part of the “green” line with even more refined and renewable ingredients, also pulyBAR Igienic, suitable for cleaning stainless steel surfaces, work tops, coffee machine bodies, displays, and pulyCAFF Green Power, the phosphate-free version of pulyCAFF.
We also have plenty of accessories that facilitate cleaning and make it safer: the handy filter remover Lifty and the blind filter “right amount” Blindy, available in several diameters for all brands of espresso machines: it is deeper and with the “right amount” mark (an inner circle) indicating the right amount of pulyCAFF required. It ensures quick and efficient cleaning, without product waste.