Sandalj’s coffee excellence selected by Loacker®

Posted on 9 Nov, 2014 in news, news (english), Sandalj Trading Company, TriestEspresso Expo 2014

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Loacker Moccaria Espresso is a unique blend of premium coffees created in the laboratories at Sandalj

Loacker® wafers in Espresso and Cappuccino flavours will be available at an exclusive TriestExpresso Expo tasting offered by Sandalj Trading Company. The new products have been developed by the Alto Adige-based confectioner in collaboration with Sandalj’s coffee professionals.

The Trieste fair is one of the most keenly awaited events on the international coffee calendar, making it the ideal venue to reinforce the highly successful partnership sealed a few years ago by Sandalj Trading Company and Loacker®, the wafer and chocolate confectionery giant. Since it was established by Alfons Loacker in 1925, the family-run confectionery manufacturer has achieved worldwide success and an enviable reputation for excellence. For the past few years, Loacker®’s traditional product lines have been underpinned by the Loacker Point concept and the launch of Loacker BrandStores, single-brand sales spaces with sit-down coffee shop that showcase the entire Loacker range.

Loacker BrandStores serve the exclusive Loacker Moccaria blend created in the coffee laboratories at Sandalj, a leader in coffee imports and exports for the espresso market. The blend is also distributed under the Loacker Moccaria Espresso label. Edy Bieker,

Edy Bieker

Edy Bieker, Sandalj’s quality and training Manafer

Sandalj’s quality and training supremo, has come up with a formula that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Loacker Moccaria Espresso is a unique blend of premium coffees whose confectionery-friendly palette of aromas resonates with Loacker®’s distinctive flavours and brand philosophy.

The same customised blend goes into Loacker®’s famed wafers, featuring in the tempting Quadratini squares – available in Espresso and Cappuccino flavours – and in the limited-edition Espresso bars that Sandalj will be presenting at Hall 27, Stand 2 to TriestEspresso Expo visitors. The coffee-and-wafer partnership came about with the support of Loacker®’s head office at Auna di Sotto, in the province of Bolzano and the Loacker BrandStore at Via Roma 24, Trieste, run for the past year by Michele Riso.

The company

Sandalj Trading Company S.p.A. is based in Trieste, one of Europe’s main coffee ports. The company’s core business is the import and export of green coffee and Sandalj offers a service unrivalled for quality, variety, product research and range development. Sandalj employs15 staff and the Sandalj board comprises Enrico Venuti, CEO and director responsible for sales; Edy Bieker, director responsible for quality and training; Maurizio Rossmann, CFO; and majority shareholder Theresa Sandalj.

Stradivari Sandalj BlendCoffee’s finest origins are available in the Sandalj Excellence, Sandalj Arabica, Sandalj Traceability Project and Cup of Excellence lines. The Sandalj Blend line embraces a vast range of ready-for-roasting blends. The Sandalj Trading Company is also home to the Accademia del Caffè® (The Coffee Academy), which offers espresso coffee-tasting courses and consultancy on all coffee-related subjects. Today, the Sandalj Trading Company is a benchmark for around one thousand coffee shops in Italy and abroad.

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