Jamaica Blue Mountain: the exclusive coffee undergoes DNA testing

Posted on 20 Jun, 2014 in news, news (english), Sandalj Trading Company, World of Coffee 2014

For the first time worldwide, Sandalj Trading has used an analysis of Jamaica Blue Mountain’s DNA to certify batches of the coffee. The company approached the greatest expert in coffee genetics, Professor Giorgio Graziosi of Trieste University and founder of DNA Analytica Srl, the University’s spin-off company which carries out these analyses. For each individual lot of the Jamaican green gold, Sandalj entrusts the appropriate analyses to the researchers. When the barrels are purchased, Sandalj provides the client with the certificate of genetic traceability.

JBM is one of the world’s most prized and sought-after coffees. Only very limited quantities are grown, totalling less than 3 million kilograms, on the high ground of the Caribbean island at an altitude of 2,000 to 2,500 metres.  Picked by hand, carefully selected and stored in wooden barrels by a mere handful of local producers, its price reaches considerable levels. For these same reasons, it is possible to find batches of JBM on sale which are not authentic. To ensure that such a priceless product is guaranteed for its clients, the company felt it necessary to validate it beyond any doubt by submitting it for genome testing. This has been made possible thanks to DNA Analytica, which has a DNA databank for the 320 varieties of Arabica coffee, including the only two possible genetic codes for JBM. Once the DNA has been extracted from the green coffee and compared with the samples stored in the databank, Professor Graziosi’s team is able to determine whether the coffee is actually as declared. The analysis is based on the “fingerprinting” technique, and is ensures that a given biological sample can be identified beyond any doubt.

A cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain Espresso presents a full body and pleasing acidity which is never aggressive. Aromas of fruit and preserves are released on the palate, together with dark chocolate, melted butter, cream and tobacco.