Hemro Group: the benchmark for the world of coffee grinding

Posted on 29 Oct, 2014 in Hemro Group, news, news (english), TriestEspresso Expo 2014

Coffee is a highly delicate product, and on its long journey from plant to cup it is affected by many different factors ranging from soil composition, climate, altitude, harvesting method, processing and storage at the cultivation site, to roasting, packaging and, finally, brewing.

In bars, restaurants, coffee shops, coffee roasteries and at home, it’s important that the coffee grinder and espresso machine work together seamlessly to produce an excellent final product.

The grinder’s task is to “free” the aromatic substances that are transformed during roasting and “trapped” inside the beans. The grinding process allows the water that passes through the coffee grounds inside the espresso machine to extract those substances and transfer them to the cup.

But coffee grinding is a complex art that requires extensive study and cutting-edge technology to keep up with the ever evolving world of coffee, where the origins, grades of roasting, brewing methods and processing times are constantly changing. The grinder needs to meet all these demands with precision and consistency.

The Swiss-based Hemro group, led by the brands Mahlkönig, Ditting and Anfim, presents itself as a benchmark and specialist in coffee grinding. It is the synergy between long-standing experience and technology, refined by years of research carried out by its three brands in order to consistently ensure the best in terms of raw materials, components, processing and flexibility in production. Its aim is to meet the needs of different sales channels: from the “robust” requirements of the micro coffee-roaster sector which sells coffee in bulk, to the precision required by the espresso champions and the reliability provided to those who distribute numerous kilos of coffee a day.

Between Italy (Anfim), Germany (Mahlkönig) and Switzerland (Ditting), the know-how, which is the result of constant research, is shared and contributes to the productivity of all their line of goods, thus increasing the global quality of a group that employs roughly 200 people.

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