Ditting: the grinder that can recognise coffee

Posted on 4 Nov, 2014 in Hemro Group, innovazione, news, news (english), TriestEspresso Expo 2014

More and more coffee shops, micro-roasteries and food shops are selling ground coffee, and for the most part, the customer prefers to grind it at the point of purchase. In order to manage what are often large quantities of coffee beans and still achieve a perfect particle size, the equipment must be especially robust and reliable, like Ditting’s 804 coffee grinder.

Many professionals in the coffee world are familiar with this tireless, precise worker, which is now available as the new KR804: a grinder that really does recognise coffee. In fact, the grinder is equipped with a barcode reader that identifies the single source or blend to be processed, allowing the grinding parameters to be easily set by computer.

When the barcode is passed in front of the reader, the grinder identifies the coffee and sets the grinding parameters accordingly. The bag is then opened, the contents are poured into the hopper by opening the cover on top of the machine, and the particle size is set according to the brewing method: espresso (fine), filter (medium) or cafetière (coarse). Finally, the grinding process can be started with complete confidence: the machine will take care of the settings. The KR804 also allows the various parameters to be set manually.

The main features of Ditting’s 804 range are:

- fast grinding speed with any particle size;
- consistent, fresh and uniform grounds thanks to Ditting’s specially designed mills;
- micrometrically regulated grinding;
- optimum coffee bag filling thanks to the KR vibration system;
- no coffee residues in the nozzle thanks to the shaking system;
- easy to clean and maintain.
Ditting KR804 grinder technical specifications

Motor power: 0.5 kW
Average grinding speed: 500 g/min
Hopper capacity: 500 g
Mill diameter: 75 mm
Dimensions (LxHxD): 200 x 480 x 260 mm
Net weight: 22.5 kg
Colours: black (standard)

Ditting Swiss has been producing coffee grinders since 1928, and over the years it has continued to respond to changing market requirements with high-end, tested, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art coffee grinders. The company, based in Bachenbülach, Switzerland, maintains its tradition “made in Switzerland” to the letter, starting with the selection of raw materials and components followed by a strict production process that is respectful of the environment and of the well-being of employees and customers. The company offers a fast, punctual post-sales service on all five continents.

Ditting Maschinen AG | www.dittingswiss.ch

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